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A photo of Desoladies manager BeedubHey, I’m beedub! I am a Brit currently living in Toronto, Canada. I love gaming, podcasts, shoes, and design, but I’m not that fond of custard and people being rude. I got into Dota after my brother introduced it to me. I jokingly asked him to teach me so I could see what all the fuss was about, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the complexity of the game and the fact it constantly surprises me even after playing it for some time.

I’m the social media manager for Desoladies and create all of the graphics we use. I used to be a social media manager at University for a few different organizations, and I’m currently a full-time freelance graphic designer.

I have also just started to stream! I stream myself breaking out from the support comfort role, trying to improve my versatility in heroes and knowledge of the game. I’m recording gameplay statistics on my website, including other factors which could affect my play e.g. if I’ve been drinking alcohol. However, this is still very much a work in progress.



Hello! My name is leafypeachy, although many people just call me Peachy. I am a Community Manager here at Desoladies, I do my best to get everyone involved, help regulate inhouses, and assist in all things pertaining to our members. Desoladies is important to me, the members are wonderful, and I feel that this is a sorely needed space in the Dota 2 community. I’m happy to be a part of it and I hope to help it grow.

As for me personally, I live in South Carolina, USA. I love Dota to the point of it being an addiction, and I am hoping to go to TI this year! I found Dota while looking through Steam’s free games. After spending a few months grinding through Borderlands 2 with my husband, we wanted another game to play together and so we found Dota.

I also cosplay, stream (occasionally), and travel when I can. My stream is pretty chill and also sporadic, but please come say hello if you see me live! You might catch a glimpse of my cats Lanaya and Chelseathey like to climb on my chair and sleep. If you want to follow my work or get to know me better, feel free to check out my social media.



A photo of Desoladies Manager superphrenicHey, I’m superphrenic, but most people just call me super. I live and queue USE. I originally got into Dota around the time Winter Wyvern was released, and I’ve probably watched four games of Dota for each one I’ve played. I originally got into Dota to help friends raise their MMR using communication and psychological strategies. While that’s no longer my focus, I still have my notebooks and charts around here somewhere.

I love both the game and community. While I’ve already been to one Major and two TIs, I would love to go to more Dota events. In Desoladies, I am the Content Manager. I create, schedule, and host Desoladies Discord Discussions on different topics. I also wrote and edited all of the rules, FAQs, announcements, and official documents for the group.

In my normal life (which really isn’t that normal), I am a freelance writer and copy editor as well as a schizophrenia activist. Besides video games and writing, I love crocheting, dogs, road trips, and reading about history. I am on the Desoladies stream team, though you will very rarely find me actually streaming Dota.


Desoladies Manager Photo at The International 7

Superphrenic, LeafyPeachy, Beedub